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Not pick up an go...

And that's why I give it 10/10. The original seemed too simplistic, great to see a game on New grounds that makes the player think before they move. Bit of a shame other reviews are complaints. We don't all drink tea as they say.
Again great work and I look forward to #3 in the future.
5/5 10/10

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Odd Man Out?

I had considered writing up a bad review of this game, but after reading the other reviews and playing the game (2-3 hours) I decided a different route.
Gave my friend $500 USD, tole him to go into a casino and walk out rich.
Guss what? He came out broke! yea I know, surprising how gambling reminds us we can't win 100% of the time.
The pics are great quality, not phenomenal, but great.
The style and organization of this game is simple yet well made.
The Concept is dead on to description.
Found myself winning more at slots than cards (like real casinos).
Great game 10/10

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Good style

Very rare for me to get inspiration from another artist recently.
The background accents the subject perfectly and the color scheme is simple yet has impact with the emotional message.
Love it :)


Darth-Spanky responds:

Thank you so very much. :) I was watching The Boondocks and just had to try. lol

Contras and Color!

Giving this an instant 10/10 due to it's very bold and familiar style. Looks as though it belongs in a children book about nightmares. The contras is wonderful and expression on both the character and bear are classic.
I will look forward to more like this unique style.


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Thats a 10

Optimus looks pissed, great use of colors and perspective. The background scenery itself is just beautiful. Your ability to create a crowd of spectators and minimal wasted space shows large dedication to your work.
Loved the game, this is a perfect cover if it ever hits a home counsel system.

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TheShadling responds:

THanks alot mate, Im sure they would come up with a better cover than this, if they ever make something for the consoles ;)

Returning to the animation feild after a 5 year break. Be Kind folks, bit of a nub at the flash animation feild. So used to stacks of paper and a stand alone Video Camera.

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